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South Zala has many popular and hidden attractions that are either luring tourists or waiting to be discovered. The defining tourist at­traction of the region is the Gránit Thermal bath, but many tourists arrive to visit the natural values of the Kis-Balaton region or the cycling roads found in the sloping hillsides.

The natural features of the area, the Kis-Balaton region, the Mura plane, the Principal Valley, or the southern extensions of the Zala Hills provide various recreational opportunities for visitors. In addi­tion to the attractions, travelers can gain experiences in the small settlements hidden in the valley; in adventure parks that provide active recreation; in inns where traditional, rural dishes are pre­pared; in craft workshops that plant ancient crafts into modern guise; as well as in the depth of old winegrowers’ cellars.

Get ready for an adventure either on foot or by bicycle; alone, with your friends or with your family. South Zala, „embraced by undulating hills” awaits its visitors.