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Garabonc – 7 Hungarian Chieftains Historic Adventure Park


Animal husbandry was established in a way that visitors can observe domestic animals from close distance. The farm is not a mere small agricultural company, but also an “adventure farm”, where visitors have the means for riding horses, carriages, as well as tasting and buying products manufactured at the farm. The services of the farm were expanded 2013 thus the 7 Chieftains Historic Adventure Park was opened. The complex shows Hungarian history from the Conquest to the last Hungarian king in a playful way. The yurts in the yard bring the age of Conquest back to life, while the brick castle tells visitors more about the history of the Hungarian Kingdom. There are skids and climbing frames for children to play outdoors. There are music and horse-back performances on the stage in the castle. Brace yourself for the adventure and discover the farm and history in a playful way!


Cím: Garabonc hrsz. 069.
Telephone: +36 93 540-140
: +36 30 383-5969



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