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Alsórajk – Kisfaludi memorial room


On entering Alsórajk a Petfői statue next to the mayor’s office catches the eye. If you stop for a while you might wonder at the interesting creation of Zsigmond Stróbl Kisfaludi. How does such a statue get there? Few know that the sculptor, Zsigmond Stróbl Kisfaludi, was born here. A memorial room was established in the house where he was born. It was a former school building at the end of Petőfi Street. The building is used as a culture centre and library today. Photos and statuettes show some of the well-known pieces of art of the artist. The premises can be visited at no charge between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m., however, previous appointment is necessary. A permanent exhibition from the rich heritage of the artist was opened 1976 in the Göcseji Museum in Zalaegerszeg. Today more than fifty creations of Kisfaludi can be seen on Squares, but some of his sculptures can be found abroad. The most well-known works are located in Budapest. The Statue of Liberty, or the Liberation Memorial has become a key element of the panorama in the town of Buda.


Cím: Alsórajk Petőfi u. 18
Telephone: +36-93/354-014




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