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Belezna – Zrínyi Newcastle and military history study-path


Belezna is located at the mouth of the Visszafolyó-brook and the Principális-channel along the Croatian border. The former Zrínyi Newcastle stood on the southern shore of the Visszafolyó-brook and today a wooden headboard marks its location.

Excavations from the area of the castle between the municipalities of Belezna and Őrtilos unveiled several interesting archaeological funds. Objects found during the excavation prove that this place has been inhabited from the Ottoman Reign to the middle of the 20th century. Military history objects can be seen in the exhibition established on the first floor of the old school building.

Based on the results of the excavation a 4 km long military history study-path was established. The eight-stop path is a smooth forest road including four refuges, two refuge-domes, a brook, a restored trench and the Zrínyi Newcastle. There are information signs and resting places at each station. The walk takes visitors to the Szentháromság forest where they can inspect the Zrínyi-well about which there are several local legends.



Cím: Belezna, Kossuth u. 13.
Telephone: +36-93/377-163




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