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Bocska – Church and chapel


Visitors can reach the municipality of Bocska on main road Nr. 74 at a distance of 14 km from the town of Nagykanizsa. The view of the small village on the hillside is picturesque. At the highest point of the municipality there is a little chapel. Its tower, erected in the 20th century and devoted to Saint Antonius de Padua, bestows a Mediterranean flair upon the building.

In order to have a closer look at the most spectacular building of Bocska, visitors must walk along the calvary leading from the main road to the small church. If you stop for a while and take a closer look of the individual stations you will see a name at each and every of the fifteen stations of the cross. These stations, just like at other places, were usually built from donations of the faithful. The calvary of Bocska was inaugurated 2006 and as a result the names of those spending money were engraved into the reliefs. The reliefs are the works of Gyula Dienes, the arts teacher from the neighbouring municipality of Zalaszentbalázs.

If you arrive by bicycle, take the firs turnoff in the municipality to reach Petőfi Street and stop at the church right at the beginning of the street. This way you start at the last station and walk downwards to the main road.


Cím: Bocska Petőfi Sándor u. 13
Telephone: +36 93/356-210




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