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Galambok – Heritage house


Galambok is situated in the south-eastern part of the Zala-hills. As you walk along the winding Béla Somogyi Street of the municipality, you will encounter a folk house with a thatched hip roof and its adjacent premises. Anybody can gaze at the house and yard surrounded by a wooden fence, however, as they are in a bad condition, you should not enter them. If you walk around the house you can observe typical folk architecture elements.

The heritage house has clay wands, a porch and is aligned into three parts, just like the traditional peasant houses: there is a room, a kitchen and a chamber. All the plank covered and beam-roofed rooms could be reached from the porch. The farm buildings also consist of three parts: the barn, the shed and the hovel. The buildings show visitors once existing architectural habits.

Take your time to familiarise with the characteristic folk costumes of the region, which women still like wearing on holidays. In the earlier days women never left their houses to attend the sermon without wearing a net with pearls in their hair.


Cím: Galambok Somogyi Béla u. 8.
Telephone: +36-93/358-130




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