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Garabonc – Kránicz Winehouse


Viniculture has always played an important role in the life of the undulating municipality of Garabonc and even today many inhabitants deal with wine-making.

Visitors should take a walk to the near-by Bajkostető. On one hand because of the scintillating view, as you can see the entire Kis-Balaton region; on the other hand because of the excellent quality, oak-barrel ripened wines that visitors are served on the terrace of the Kránicz Winehouse and Restaurant. The Kránicz family, father and two sons, welcome guests with hospitality, local wines and Hungarian dishes made from traditional recipes. Gourmands can taste Sauvignons, Welschrieslings and Muscat wines, while leading friendly conversations. If you are looking for something special, ask for the “Tónai” white wine on the wine list. This is a local grape variant from the Middle-Ages and wine is made of it only in the region of Zalakaros.

Apart from wine-tasting there are also means for a more active leisure time on the archery range of the vineyard.


Cím: Garabonc
Telephone: +36-93/701-108
: +36-30/3300-016




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