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Gelse – Thermal-valley Spa


Gelse is one of the most dynamically developing municipalities in the South-Zala region. Its favourable location, the wine-hills and beautiful scenery are ideal for relaxation. Apart from the wine-cellars and excursion sites the Gelse Thermal-valley Spa has attracted more and more tourists into the region.

The spa opened its gates 2007 much to the delight of many people. Seven pools with thermal water and even more wellness services offer ideal conditions for resting and recuperating. The spacious and spectacular interior of this covered spa provides the right atmosphere for all generations. Visitors wishing to do sports can do so in the 25 m long sports pool. Water mushrooms complement the fun children have in the children’s pool. If you had enough of long hours spent in the water, yet you are still craving for a little care, you can get refreshed in the Finnish sauna, the steam cabin, the infra sauna, the salt chamber and the standing solarium.

The thermal spa is closed due to technical reasons but will probably reopen its gates by the end of 2014.


Cím: Gelse Fürdő u. 1.




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