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Hahót – Roman-Catholic church


Hahót is located on the road between Nagykanizsa and Zalaegerszeg. The name of the village might sound familiar, if you think of the codex of Hahót from the 11th century. The second oldest, completely intact codex was most probably written for the Benedictine monks at the abbey of Hahót during the reign of King Solomon. It is the oldest known collection of intercessions in Hungary, now it is kept in the library of the archbishop of Zagreb.

The recent, Baroque style church of Hahót was built atop the foundations of the long destroyed Benedictine abbey in the 18th century. The tower was built 1914 when the nave was restored. The building can be visited at no charge, however, you need a previous appointment to obtain the keys. Despite its Baroque appearance, the pulpit was constructed in Rococo style and the organ was installed at the end of the 19th century. The tomb of Arnold de genere Hahót, the founder, in a baroque frame in the northern wall is another sign of the long history of the church. Next to the church you can find the wooden statue of Buza de genere Hahót, the Dominican monk who died a martyr’s death during the Tatar Raid.


Cím: Hahót Béke u. 3. (kossuth tér 1.)
Telephone: +36-93/363-174




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