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Homokkomárom – Roman-Catholic church and monastery


Homokkomárom, the municipality in the vicinity of Nagykanizsa, became one of the most important expiation centres in Transdanubea with pilgrims frequenting the municipality all over the year.

The destination of their pilgrimage is the Roman-Catholic church devoted to Virgin Mary, standing at the highest point of the municipality on the picturesque eastern part of a hillside. The church was built in the middle of the 18th century in Baroque style. It was the painting of the Holy Virgin that turned the church into a place of pilgrimage. The votive painting was found during earthworks for the foundation of the church. Legend says that the painting from the 17th century was found amidst the roofs of a lime tree. The painting shows the Holy Virgin holding the divine infant in her arms. There are several reports about miraculous healings after touching the painting, or praying in front of it.

The old monastery next to the church was also built in Baroque style. The adjacent modern part is the Monastery of the Community of Eight Beatitudes, exhibiting a piece of the relic of Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattman, the doctor of the poor, who was beatified 2003.


Cím: Homokkomárom Ady E. u. 2.
Telephone: +36-30/507-1378
: +36-93/356-113




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