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Homokkomárom – Wine-hill


The small village of Homokkomárom, located next to the town of Nagykanizsa, is known as a place of pilgrimage. The actual site is the church of the municipality, where two votive objects can be found. One is a painting of the Holy Virgin, the other is a piece of the relic of Ladislaus Batthyány-Stratmann.

Only few know that one of the largest coherent wine-hills of the Zala wine-region can be found here. The 240 ha wine-hill is ideal for hiking and cycling. 440 winemakers constitute the wine community and there are several old cellars enclosed amidst gentle slopes.

The wine-hill consists of several parts and the most famous is the Csingahegy. Tourists are welcomed with wine-tasting at several places. Should you visit the wine-hills of Homokkomárom in the summer, as then you can be a part of the annual Csingahegy Days. The event is a community program and a creative camp at the same time. You can observe the work of wood carvers, blacksmiths, leatherworkers and other artists. Some of the objects created here are exhibited along the road leading to the church.


Cím: Homokkomárom




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