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Kerecseny – Zala Meadow Shack – petting zoo


Kerecseny can be reached after leaving the road between Kilimán and Orosztony. This secluded municipality is surrounded by an authentic hillside. Its main touristic feature is its location, the Pannonian landscape shaped by hills and the sight of flocks of sheep.

The animal park, showing autochthonous domestic animals, is a favoured sight among families. Grey cattle, long-wool sheep, goats, ponies and mangalitsa pigs are accustomed to the touch of friendly hands. Those who wish to get into an even closer contact can ride horses and donkeys, try to milk cattle and goats and the locals are glad if you assist them by gathering eggs and feeding chicken. They sell the curd, cheese and cottage cheese manufactured here at surrounding markets.

If you wish to spend more days in this calm municipality, then you can use the camping next to the animal park offering 20 camp places. There are rooms inside the community house for those who do not like to sleep outside.


Cím: Kerecseny Erzsébet u. 15.
Telephone: 06-30/857-7806




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