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Kisrécse – Czinki Nostalgia Peasant Courtyard


Kisrécse is located a few kilometres away from the town of Nagykanizsa. Several tourists and artists frequent the Kendlimajor part of the municipality, as there are courses and workshops organised at the artists’ camp.

The other target of visitors is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts, the Czinki Nostalgia Peasant Courtyard. The name already clarifies that the resort presents the old peasant lifestyle. Different articles of daily use, household objects and agricultural machines give a full account of our ancestors’ lives.

Five old peasant houses and two apartments constitute the premises, equipped with antique furniture, bathroom and kitchen. There is also a straw-hotel. The oven and the open-fireplace enable you to cook your meals outside. Visitors can chose among many varied programs ranging from riding to archery, gardening, hiking, cycling or the petting zoo. Those who are not afraid of work can have their share of peasant life and can even drive a tractor.


Cím: Kisrécse Kendlimajor Kossuth u. 3-5
Telephone: +36-93/371-471
: +36-20/5553-8012




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