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Kisrécse – Kendlimajor Artists’ Camp


The municipality of Kisrécse is located on a typical hillside of the South-Zala region in the vicinity of Nagykanizsa. The municipality part of Kendlimajor cam be found 1,5 kilometres from the centre of the village on the eastern side of the hills. The artists’ camp, attracting 30-40 artists every year, is very popular. The international artists’ camp also attracts numerous art lovers. During the two-week long camp visitors can meet several important Hungarian artists, along with artists from Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Latvia and Italy. The artworks created during the camp are exhibited at the closing of the camp. This exhibition can be visited free of charge.

Those wishing to indulge more into fine arts, or develop their skills can chose among the various continuously starting workshops of the Arts School at Kendlimajor. The offer of the university, launched 2006, is unique in Hungary, thus participants do not only receive professional training, but also gain a lot of experience.


Cím: Kisrécse Kossuth u. 9-11.
Telephone: +36-30/567-0062




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