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Magyarszentmiklós – Bell-fry and old fire engine


It is worth taking a turnoff from road Nr. 74 towards the municipality of Magyarszentmiklós. The municipality on the plain of the Principális-valley is an excellent station for an excursion. Its cultivated streets and individual wooden statues please the eye of both hikers and cyclists. At the end of the municipality towards Nagykanizsa visitors are welcomed by the statue of Saint Christopher, the patron of travellers. Next to it there is a small resting place which is ideal for having a little snack.

Because of the vicinity of the town of Nagykanizsa, Magyarszentmiklós has become a favoured residential neighbourhood of townsfolk who are keen on rural atmosphere. The silent little streets meet and fork into three at the Béke Square. It is worth stopping for a while here. There is a bell-fry on the main square with a fire engine next to In the vicinity you can find the wooden statue of Saint Florian. The bell-fry played an integral part in the sacred life of the village, as the inhabitants built their first own church in cooperation in the year 1922.


Cím: Magyarszentmiklós Béke tér




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