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Magyarszerdahely – Old Csárda


The building opposite the turnoff to Magyarszerdahely on Main Road Nr. 74 is a remarkable sight. The Old Csárda is a place of accommodation under monumental protection. It is worth to drop by for a refreshing drink, or a nourishing meal. However, few know the history of the place. In the 18th century the building served as a post carriage station and accommodation for the local constables. Outlaws of old times, coming from the depths of the forests in Zala county, regularly frequented the building to meet the world outside. Older generations still speak about a famous female outlaw called Rozi Harmat.

Once the building was restored 1990 it regained its original beauty and form and a modern place of accommodation was erected next to the Csárda. Friendly staff welcome the guests. The traditional dishes on the menu are all made from fresh ingredients purchased at the marketplaces in Nagykanizsa. There is a bicycle rental as well. You can explore the surroundings on foot, as there are tour paths starting from the building (marked with a yellow +).


Cím: Magyarszerdahely 74-es út 1.
Telephone: +36-30/335-1609, +36-30/335-1610




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