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Miháld – Roman-Catholic church


Miháld is located in the vicinity of Main Road Nr. 7 to the south of the town of Zalakaros, in the valley of the Dolna-brook.

The Roman-Catholic church devoted to the “Worship of the Holy Cross” is to be found in the centre of the municipality. The Inkey family had it built after a lucky carriage accident as a sign of gratitude that they survived the event. The coat of arms of the builders can still be seen above the main entrance.

The statues of the most favoured patrons of Miháld, Saint Flórián and Saint Vendel, can be seen in the façade niches of the Baroque church, built in the year 1760. You should enter the church and gaze upon the colourful frescoes made at the beginning of the 20th century. The keys are at the parish.

If you are in Miháld, you should know that local products have a long tradition here. Apart from delicious home-made jams, wines are becoming more and more popular. Zsolt Víg is offering his wine for groups of different sizes in the several hundred years old building opposite the church (1 Fő Str.)


Cím: Miháld Petőfi S. u. 1.
Telephone: 06-70/238-2635




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