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Murakeresztúr – Mura-river


The municipality of Murakeresztúr is located at the southern edge of Zala county at the Croatian border. The Mura-river separates Murakeresztúr from Croatia.

When in the municipality, you should visit the church and the statue of Miklós Zrínyi.

The specialty of Murakeresztúr, however, is the Mura-river which is a popular fishing and camping site.

The Hungarian section of the river with a total length of 454 km, which originates in Austria, is only a mere 48 km long and it flows into the Drava-river. The Mura has a special flora and fauna. On the bog meadows in the floodplain you can encounter early marsh orchids and Siberian irises. Two rare dragonfly species live in the back water of the river: the yellow-spotted whiteface and the lilypad whiteface. If you are lucky enough, you might spot emperor butterflies above the water surface.

Anglers can fish at specific points of the river for carps, grass carps, silver carps, pikes, zanders, catfish, breams, Crucian carps, asps, perches, barbels, sturgeons, Volga pikeperches and chubs. There are several protected fish species. We ask you to put them gently back into their natural habitat should you catch any of them.


Cím: Murakeresztúr


Nem szövetségi tagoknak

  • Éves jegy: 15000 Ft
  • Napijegy: 3500 Ft

A Horgász Egyesületek Zala Megyei Szövetségének tagjai számára

  • Felnőtt éves jegy: 6000 Ft
  • Felnőtt napijegy: 2000 Ft
  • Ifjúsági éves jegy: 3000 Ft
  • Ifjúsági napijegy: 1000 Ft




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