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Nagyrada – Szelemi mountain


The municipality of Nagyrada is located in the vicinity of Zalakaros, along the Kis-Balaton. There is a legend from the Ottoman-Age according to which folk medicine referred to incurable diseases as “illness of Rada”. The inhabitants of Nagyrada believe that wine is the best medicine for even incurable diseases.

The wine-hill with several rows of streets features several old cellars and modern ones, already reshaped into resting places. There are many vineyards. Ottó Kovács is one of the winemakers who runs a family enterprise. The largest vineyard is the Cezar Vineyard. Here you can taste award-winning products and popular wines from the Zala region. Any previously announced visit is an experience, as guests are guided around the estate, they can take a walk on the 100 ha wine-hill and then learn about manufacturing those wines which they are presented later on. Wine-lovers can chose among several wine-tasting programs. Do not forget that your group must be at least 8-head-strong!


Cím: Nagyrada Szelemi hegy




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