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Nagyrécse, Bacónak mountain


The municipality of Nagyrécse is situated in the vicinity of Nagykanizsa along the Main Road Nr. 7. The Bacónak mountain, a favoured excursion site because of its touristic offer, can be found in the southern part of the municipality. On climbing the mountain visitors will find a small mountain chapel. It was built around 1740 for the part of Nagyrécse, which once stood on this mountain.

It is worth visiting the wine-hill in the summer on the holiday of the name-giver of the chapel, as there is a traditional fair on Saint Magdolna day. After the sermon there is carnival and also cultural programs on the open-air stage opposite the chapel.

Those coming for more days can find a comfortable accommodation in one of the Hajdú guest-houses. Your hosts will provide a pleasant stay for larger groups and families. In the vicinity of the guest-houses you can find the Rencsi Riding Academy and Stables, where you can learn to ride from professionals. Swing yourselves into the saddle, or grab a Nordic Walking stick and walk along one of the several tracks on the mountain.


Cím: Nagyrécse




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