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Nagyrécse – Roman-Catholic church, Inkey-mansion


Nagyrécse is to be found in the vicinity of Nagykanizsa, along Main Road Nr. 7. The Berényi Guesthouse along the main Road, or the Bacónak mountain offer several services to visiting guests.

Two buildings in the municipality-centre are definitely worth visiting.

The church received its Neo-Romanesque shape during the restoration in the 19th century initiated by Baron Inkey. There is an altar-painting in Romantic style in the presbyter, made by Soma Orlay Petrich. It shows King Ladislaus wringing water from a rock. Legend says that the artist painted King Ladislaus to resemble the landlord, Ladislaus Inkey. The painting was long owned by the Veszprém Diocese Museum and has just recently been returned to its original place.

Opposite the church you can find the habitat of the Inkey family, the Inkey-castle, or Inkey-mansion, which is a culture centre now. Take a short walk in the castle park and gaze at the Himalayan cedar with a circumference of 5.2 metres and a mammoth pine with a circumference of 6.7 metres.


Cím: Nagyrécse
Telephone: 06-93/371-001
: 06-93/371-008
: 06-20/5753-782




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