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Orosztony – Park and wooden headboard


The municipality is located in the heart of the Zala-hills surrounded by forests. Its undulating areas make it a favoured excursion site.

One of the sights of Orosztony is the Holy Trinity church with the typical Baroque Holy Trinity statue at the entrance. In the memorial park at the centre of the municipality there is a fairground and resting possibility for weary wanderers. The park was established to commemorate the two-thousandth anniversary of Christianity and the thousandth anniversary of the founding of the state of Hungary. The wooden headboard in the middle of the park commemorates both anniversaries.

Another wooden headboard was set for the honour of Pál Rockenbauer on the Öröm-mountain belonging to the municipality. Here you can find a house run by the Nagykanizsa Postmen Sports Association where tourists can enjoy silence and the nature. On the road leading to the house there is the wooden headboard of György Thúry. He was the commander of the forces protecting the castle of Nagykanizsa against the Ottoman army. He fell in the vicinity during a Turkish raid. If you come here in April, you can take part in the “raid” on foot organised every year on the anniversary of commander Thúry’s death.


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