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Pölöskefő, Pálffy-mansion


The municipality of Pölöskefő is located 20 km north from Nagykanizsa along the road linking the municipalities of Zalaszentbalázs and Gelse.

Only few know that Dr Ferenc Mező, the famous literature and sports historian and the only mental Olympic champion of Hungary, was born here. He earned this honourable title at the Amsterdam Olympic Games 1928 with his work “The history of the Olympic Games”.

The Pálffy-mansion, standing in the middle of Pölöskefő, is the most interesting building. It was built in the 19th century for the nobleman Elek Pálffy. The mansion received its T-shaped footprint during the reconstruction 1926. The tower-like entrance with an arcade at the meeting of the two building-parts is interesting to see.

The most precious ornaments of the garden are two several hundred years old plane trees and an oak at the rear entrance of the building. There is a covered resting spot behind the mansion which visitors can use during hiking, or cycling tours.

The mansion hosts the culture centre and a small catering unit. Within the municipality hall a little kitchen was established, thus the building is capable of hosting groups of 15-20.


Cím: Pölöskefő Ady u. 18.
Telephone: 06-93/391-101




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