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Surd – Surd Park Lake


Surd is situated at the border to Somogy county at a distance of 15 kilometres from Nagykanizsa. It is considered one of the biggest Christmas-tree growing regions in Hungary. As a result of its natural characteristics you will not find a hillside without these evergreen trees.

Both the municipality and its surroundings were the possession of the Zichy family. Their castle at Surd was unfortunately demolished but the park has been restored by the self-government in the year 2000 as the Zichy-Park. It was Károly Petrezilka, the forester of Count Zichy, who was responsible for the magnificent scenery and the varied flora. He collected seeds all over Europe and planted many seedlings himself. The most remarkable part of the park is the 100-year-old row of plane trees.

Next to the grove there is the Surd park Lake with an area of 1, 5 hectares. The Surd Sports Fishing Association takes care that this excellent fishing site provides a pleasant flair and the right variety and amount of fish. You can fish for carps, grass carps, silver carps, pike perches, Crucian carps, breams, as well as catfish and tenches.

Daily tickets available at the inn in the vicinity of the lake.


Cím: Surd
Telephone: +36-30/400-1243


Jegyek válthatóak:
Süsü Presszó (Surd, Kossuth u.)
Szúnyog Horgászbolt (Nagykanizsa, Kalmár u. 7.)

  • Felnőtt napijegy: 3000 Ft
  • Ifjúsági napijegy: 1500 Ft
  • Gyermek jegy: 500 Ft




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