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Surd – Szakáll-mountain, Chestnut trees


The municipality of Surd is located to the south of Nagykanizsa in picturesque surroundings. Today it is popular because of its Christmas trees. There are hardly any hillsides where you would not encounter these evergreen trees.

The municipality, just like almost all villages of Zala county, has a wine-hill. A path marked with a green sign takes you to the Szakáll-mountain from the municipality centre. Here you can find one of the biggest and oldest chestnut trees, the “good old” chestnut tree of Surd. It has a circumference of 777 centimetres and might be as old as 700 years. Unfortunately, the road leading up to the tree is not properly marked, therefore you should rely on your GPS coordinates. The oldest tree is not in the best shape, as only its lower part is alive. Its trunk is hollow and only one of its three main branches is alive. The other remarkable chestnut tree is 400 years old. This specimen can be accessed more easily and it is a way better shape. It is 20 metres high and has a circumference of 4,5 metres.


Cím: Surd




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