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Szepetnek – Reformed church


One of the special features of the municipality of Szepetnek is the fact that its population is made up of four nationalities. Hungarian, Croatian, German and Roma populations have been living together for centuries in the vicinity of the town of Nagykanizsa. The smallest minority today are the German. They settled in the village after the Ottoman Reign. It was Count Lajos Batthyány who brought German speaking Protestants from the region around the Austrian town of Güssing to live here. They successfully managed to fit in very quickly and they grew in numbers.

The Baroque Catholic church is used by the Hungarian, Croatian and Roma population. The Germans built the reformed church in one of the side roads 1822 to celebrate their sermons in a proper way. According to reformed traditions, the altar of the church is built together with the pulpit. There is a German text on it which says: ‘Do not only listen to prayers, but follow them!’ A tower with three bells was built to the church in the period of 1832 and 1834. Today there is only one bell in the tower, which was consecrated in the year 2000. The church was amended with a gallery and an organ in the 19th century.

The premises can be visited upon previous appointment.


Cím: Szepetnek Kossuth u. 18.
Telephone: 06-93/311-320




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