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Zalakaros – Wine-hill and look-out tower


Zalakaros is popular all over Hungary because of its spa. Apart from the medicinal water, there are more and more tourists to visit the town because of its beautiful surroundings and hiking and bicycle paths.

Starting from the centre of Zalakaros you can reach the look-out tower towards the wine-hills at the end of Park Street after a longer walk, or cycling. When the weather is fine, you should enjoy the panorama for several moments.

The area of the park forest is ideal for hiking, or organising sports events.

The undulating hills are not only ideal for tourists, but winemakers as well. As a result of favourable conditions, viniculture has centuries-long traditions. During a walk on the hill you will find several cellars and wine taverns. Do not miss to taste the Tónai wine. This is a local specialty, a grape variant which can only be found here. This grape, a remnant from the Middle-Ages, is ideal for making a tasteful white-wine.




Cím: Zalakaros




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