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Zalakaros – Zalakaros Granite Spa


The discovery of thermal water erupting from a depth of 2000 metres at a temperature of 96 C° has changed the life of the town of Zalakaros in the 1960ies. After continuous developments the Granite Medicinal and Thermal Spa has become one of the most frequented family water-complexes. The facility offers open-air, indoor, adventure and medical services.

The indoor adventure pool offers guests 10 different water attractions. From here you can directly access the outdoor adventure pool where there are various wellness elements. The children can enjoy the outdoor „Csodapók-vízipók wonder-world”, however, there is also an indoor adventure pool for children.

The open-air pool can be used from 1st May to 30th September. Visitors can enjoy a summer-day in the cultivated park, or relax in the medicinal-, thermal-, family-, wave-, child-, or sports-pool. There are slides to complete the bathing fun.

Do not miss the wellness services either. Aquafitness exercises help you to keep fit.


Cím: Zalakaros Termál u. 4.
Telephone: 06-93/340-420


01.01-04.30, 09.29-12.31

  • Alap felnőtt: 1900 Ft
  • Alap diák: 1300 Ft
  • Alap családi: 5500 Ft
  • Komplex felnőtt: 3200 Ft
  • Komplex diák: 2600 Ft
  • Komplex családi: 9600 Ft

05.01-06.30, 09.01-09.28

  • Alap felnőtt: 2200 Ft
  • Alap diák: 1500 Ft
  • Alap családi: 6200 Ft


  • Alap felnőtt: 2400 Ft
  • Alap diák: 1600 Ft
  • Alap családi: 6550 Ft


  • Komplex felnőtt: 3400 Ft
  • Komplex diák: 2800 Ft
  • Komplex családi: 9700 Ft




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