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Zalakomár – Csönte Guesthouse


Halfway between the municipalities of Zalakomár and Galambok you will reach the Csönte Guesthouse, the family enterprise of Mária Godinek. They are dealing with animal husbandry and growing plants. On the area of the guesthouse there are chicken, sheep, pigs, cows and horses. All products are manufactured on site, thus their cheese manufacture offers several special cheeses. Apart from agricultural activities they also offer accommodation and catering. Guests are presented dishes made from local ingredients. A huge outdoor oven is used to revive traditional tastes.

The special collection of the guesthouse brings visitors back to old times. Here you can see carriages, tools, everyday objects and agricultural equipment which once were integral elements of every-day life, traffic, or farming. There is a restored post-wagon and a carriage for horse-drawn excursions.

Please, do not forget to announce your arrival in advance, if you want to visit the guesthouse with a group.


Cím: Zalakomár
Telephone: 06-30/715-0417




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