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Nagybakónak-Nagybakónak Kősziklaszurdok

Gorge Tour (H2)

Nagybakónak-Nagybakónak Kősziklaszurdok
Trip type:GyalogosTrip type:8.00 kmRecommended age:14 From age 75 Up to ageFull route: Templom - József hegy - Árpád forrás - Kőszikla-szurdok - Rigó hegy - Templom Alternative route:

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The 3-5 hours of small-group walking tour can be organized as a team-building excercise, but it is also perfect for high school students’ school trip.During the tour, visitors can get acquainted with one of the most interesting natural attractions of South Zala. The trip is a panoramic tour around Nagybakónak, as it starts at the highest point and goes through the deepest gorge.
The hike is difficult, as the lowest point is 181 m, while the highest point is 289 m from the starting point to the destination. Thus, it requires proper equipment (hiking boots) and caution. In the gorge, the route requires the assistance of fellow travelers in numerous places.

1. Nagybakónak, church

This dead end village is located in the beautiful valley is a popular tourist destination.
In the center of Nagybakónak next to the church, or near the community house, you can find suitable parking spaces before you set off.
The tour starts on the green trail blazing along the road behind the church.

2. On the green trail blazing above Nagybakónak

The tour is about to reach a dirt road that gradually ascends. On the left, you are provided with a great view of the TV Tower in Újudvar and the underlying village several times.

3. Belfry at Joseph hill

Turn right where the green blaze meets the blue + sign. After a short but very steep ascent, you arrive at the belfry on the Joseph hill.

4. Springs (Árpád spring)

Turn back at the berlfry and follow the blue + sign towards the village. Arriving at Arany János Street, a blue blaze appears beside the blue + sign. The tour continues along the blue trail blazing.
Leaving the village a signpost sets us a choice: Springs or "gorge".
It is recommend that you first visit the region of the springs.
Going west from the village, follow the blue blaze to reach the three springs. Out of thesem the Árpád spring is a memorial spiring without water.

5. Rock gorge

Returning to the branching, you should follow the blue triangle trail to discover the beauty of the gorge. Along your way, the deepening, steep sandstone cliffs provide a stunning view. If you arrive to the gorge after a rainy day, you can admire the spectacle of the weeping walls. At the bottom of the gorge, the water leaks from behind the stones from the walls. While touring the gorge, pay attention to the protected plants such as the wild cyclamen, the Primula vulgaris, the Daphne mezereum, the Tamus communis, Zala vetches and Marchantiophyta.
The soil in the gorge is wet even during summer drought, so you should be careful during the tour. The water can wash away the path in many places, or a fallen tree can make moving through difficult. Approaching the end of the gorge, you can climb an iron ladder up to Újudvar.

6. Nagybakónak, vineyard

Leaving the gorge behind, turn left, go along and turn left at the signpost indicating blue and green blazes (east). Follow the green trail blazing towards Nagybakónak.
The road from the forest leads to the vineyard on Rigó hill, where you can experience the characteristics of the Zala viticulture. A high number of cellars with the narrow plots are used as weekend houses.
You can see the picturesque village from the vineyard.

7. Returning to the church

You arrive at the settlement at the cemetery, then crossing Kisfaludy Street and passing through a square including taking some stairs, you arrive at the cultural house and to the church located a little further on the left.

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Trip type:GyalogosTrip type:8.00 kmRecommended age:14 From age 75 Up to ageFull route: Templom - József hegy - Árpád forrás - Kőszikla-szurdok - Rigó hegy - Templom Alternative route:

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