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Kis-Balaton Tour Full of Experiences (B8)

Trip type:KerékpárosTrip type:50.00 kmRecommended age:10 From age 75 Up to ageFull route: Zalakaros - Garabonc - Nagyrada - Zalaszabar - Kis-Balaton, Zala folyó töltése - Balatonmagyaród - Zalakomár - Galambok - Zalakaros Alternative route: Zalakaros - Garabonc - Nagyrada - Cezar Pincészet - Zalaszabar - Kis-Balaton, Zala folyó töltése - Balatonmagyaród - Zalakomár - Galambok - Zalakaros

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This tour can be arranged as a full day program for families, with a few detours family members of all ages will find themselves some fun. During the trip around the Kis-Balaton, you can get to know natural and architectural values, taste the unique flavors of the Zala region, as well as visit agricultural and industrial relics.

1. Southern part of Zalakaros

The tour starts from the Bicycle center in Zalakaros. Turn right by the road in front of the building and go north along the bicycle path parallel to the main road. During the trip, you can visit the Szilágyi Confectionery, then the old church in Zalakaros.
The Szilágyi Confectionery is a family business founded in 1977. You can always find biscuits made from seasonal fruit there, and you can taste the „cake of the country”..

2. Garabonciás Farm and 7 Chieftains Histroical Adventure Park

Leaving Zalakaros, an installed bicycle path leads to Garabonc. In the village, you can make a detour to the Garabonciás Farm and 7 Chieftains Historical Adventure Park. (On the left, a large billboard indicates the way to the facility.)
This is not only a small agricultural business but an „adventure economy”, as well, where you can go horseback riding, driving, as well as try and buy local products. The services of the farm expanded in 2013, when the 7 Chieftains Historical Adventure Park opened. The complex depicts the history of Hungary from the era of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin until the last Hungarian king in a light-hearted way.

3. Garabonc, vineyard

You should also visit the vineyards in Garabonc. After Garabonciás Farm, turn left at the second intersection, where a winding, stone path leads up among the vineyards.
Viticulture is a centuries-old-tradition in the surrounding hills of the Kis-Balaton.
Kránicz wine house is in the vineyard, from the patio the view over the Kis-Balaton is spectacular. The Kránicz family – father and son –awaits the visitors with a friendly service, local wine and Hungarian dishes prepared according to traditional recipes. Gourmets can try a glass of Sauvignon, Welschriesling, and muscat during a pleasent friendly chat.

4. Nagyrada Cézar Cellary

Leaving Garabonc, the road leads to Nagyrada. After Garabonc you have to go ahead on the main road. Between the two settlements an access road on the left takes you up to the Cézar Cellary. Note that if you want to spend more time in the cellary, prior appointment is necessary. The cellary produces different wines and grape products in a large-scale framework.
At the cellary, go further north on the vineyards. Passing some of the new and the old cellars, the road bends to the right and returns to Nagyrada.

5. From Nagyrada to Zalaszabar

Continue your journey on the settlement’s main street to the north.
There is a special rest area in the center of Nagyrada. Next to the community center, an open-air fitness park was built, where you can drink some fluids, or have the opportunity to methodically move your muscles. You arrive at Zalaszabar with a slight ascent. (Puskás Ferenc’s bust is on the Main Square of the village.

6. Zobori Adventure Zoo (alternative)

The next settlement of the tour is Zalaszabar. Turning left at the center of the village, you can ride your bike up the vineyard, where the Zobori Adventure Zoo offers a great active entertainment opportunity primarily for children. (Within the settlement, signposts indicate the way leading to the Adventure Zoo.)
The view over the Kis-Balaton is wonderful from the adventure park.

7. Kis-Balaton, cycling path

From Zalaszabar’s center going further to the north and turning right at the Kis-Balaton Restaurant in Zalaszabar, you reach the road running along the Kis-Balaton. At the end of the lakeshore there is a bike rest area, from where the road continues on the embankment of the Zala river. (Turn right to the bike path.) During the tour, you can directly observe the bird life of the lake. A lookout tower and rest areas have been established along the route. The bike path along the Kis-Balaton reaches the main road at Balatonhídvég. Turn south. This road bears a significant traffic load, so be careful.

8. Kányavári island

A narrow access road leads from the main road before Balatonmagyaród to the right to the Kányavári island. An exquisite, arched wooden bridge can be found a few steps from the parking lot in front of the island, which takes you to the quiet little island. The bridge was designed for pedestrian traffic, so if you do not want to leave the bike in the parking lot, you have to carry it on your shoulders up a few steps. The tourist center can be visited freely. Those with fishing rods can occupy the angling locations on the island, in exchange of purchasing a ticket in the parking lot. Climbing to the lookout tower of the island, you can primarily look at the diverse birdlife of the Kis-Balaton. In the area, the 2 km long Great crested grebe trail provides you with a systematic knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Kis-Balaton.
Return to the main road and continue the tour toward Balatonmagyaród (to the south).

9. Kápolnapuszta Buffalo Reserve

Leaving Balatonmagyaród, you arrive at the next natural attraction of the tour. The Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta, belonging to the Zalakomár, can be approached after a left turn. The largest buffalo population lives here in Hungary (250-300 buffaloes). If you have time, walk around the area of the reserve or you can try the buffalo salami. Through the Buffalo Reserve the Balaton Cycling Rooute can be accessed in the direction of Sávoly however, you need to purchase a ticket if you want to pass through (in both directions).

10. Zalakomár Csönte Mansion

Returning to the main road, on the way towards Zalakomár, you can see a hinged oil well. Few people know that the oil fields in Zala played an important role in Hungary during the industrial development of the 20th century.
In Zalakomár, turn right at the community house and leave the village. At the crossroads on the outskirts of the settlement, turn left at a small chapel towards Galambok. Going ahead in the direction of Galambok, a private road leads to the left, following it you can reach the Csönte Mansion (Note that there is no road leading to the mansion, turn left at the second access road after the chapel.)
The special collection of the Mansion brings the old times back. Tools, objects, agricultural machinery and carriages can be seen, which were once essential in everyday life, farming or transport. The mansion also deals with rural tourism, the outdoor oven is used to cook local culinary specialties for the visitors.

11. Sights in Galambok

Leaving the Csönte mansion, continue the tour in the direction of Galambok. You can stop at 2 sights there. One of them is the Catholic church, which is a fine example of baroque church architecture.
The other is the country house in Somogyi Béla Street. The walls of the building are made of mud and a stolen porch similarly to the traditional peasant houses has a tripartite arrangement: it consists of one room, a kitchen and a chamber. From the porch you can enter the beam and boards covered rooms. The agricultural building next to the country house also has three parts: the stables, barn and hutches.

12. Zalakaros, Granite Thermal Spa

Leaving Galambok from the north, you return to Zalakaros. Arriving back from the trip, you can go for a swim in Zalakaros in the pools of the Granite Thermal Spa.
The continuous developments of the Granite Thermal Spa resulted in it becoming one of the country’s most popular family water complexes. The facility offers services indoors, there is an aqua park, a beach and a spa center.
The indoor fun pool has 10 different water attractions. From here, you can directly go to the outdoor adventure pool, where neck shower, whirlpool adventure elements are available all year round. The so called "Vízipók-Csodapók children’s world" is a swimming pool area for children, but there is also another adventure pool established for children indoors.

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Trip type:KerékpárosTrip type:50.00 kmRecommended age:10 From age 75 Up to ageFull route: Zalakaros - Garabonc - Nagyrada - Zalaszabar - Kis-Balaton, Zala folyó töltése - Balatonmagyaród - Zalakomár - Galambok - Zalakaros Alternative route: Zalakaros - Garabonc - Nagyrada - Cezar Pincészet - Zalaszabar - Kis-Balaton, Zala folyó töltése - Balatonmagyaród - Zalakomár - Galambok - Zalakaros

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