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Tour on the Land of Christmas Trees (B10)

Trip type:KerékpárosTrip type:31.00 kmRecommended age:14 From age 75 Up to ageFull route: Surd - Nemespátró - Liszó - Belezna (Jankapuszta) - Belezna - Surd Alternative route: Surd - Nemespátró - Liszó - Surd

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A trip ideal for families with adolescent children and small groups of friends interested in natural beauties.
Note, there are several strong ascents and descents along the route. In clear weather, it is readily accessible, however, the dirt roads are not recommended to be used after rainfalls.
The use of tour bicycles is recommended.
Due to its natural characteristics, the area of the tour is one of Hungary's largest Christmas tree-growing fir woods. You cannot find a hillside without evergreen trees in the area. The majority of firs used during Christmas in Hungary is grown here, moreover, they are also exported to numerous neighboring countries. Cultivation of evergreen trees became prevalent in the region from the middle of the 20th century.
Apart from the firs, in the vicinity of Surd you can visit the chestnut trees, and you can take a rest in the forest park in Liszó.
There is also a nice view at the section between Nemespátró and Liszó of the surrounding hillsides.
The tour starts from the park in Sudró, you can recharge your batteries in the middle of the tour, by the fishing lake in Liszó, afterwards having visited Belezna, you arrive back at the starting-point.

1. Surd, park late

The starting point is the park lake in Surd.
The village and its surrounding area used to be owned by the Zichy Earls. Their castle in Surd was unfortunately demolished, but the municipality renovated the remaining park in 2000 under the name of Zichy park. Petrezilka Károly, the Earl’s forester was responsible for the beautiful scenery and varied vegetation of the ornamental garden. He planted the seedlings, whose seeds he collected himself in several European countries. The most distinctive part of the park is the 100-year-old plane trees.
The 1.5-acre Park Lake is located next to the woods, which is an excellent fishing resort in Surd. The Sport Fishing Association of Surd provides a pleasant environment and regularly installs fish into the lake.
Go ahead among the plane trees along the main road in the direction of Nagykanizsa. Turn right at the signpost indicating Nemespátró. The Peace Square is on the right side of the road. Leave the settlement to the east.

2. 700-year-old chestnut

After the settlement, the first road to the right leads up the Szakáll hill. The asphalt road becomes crushed stone coverage and soon the green blaze appears. Following the blaze, you arrive at one of Hungary’s largest and oldest chestnut specimens. The circumference of its girth is 777 cm, it is estimated to be older than 700 years. The old tree is not in the best condition, only its lower part lives. Its trunk is hollow as well, it used to have three main branches, but only one survived to this day.
Return to the road leading to Nemespátró. You arrive at the hidden small settlement through a winding, hilly road.

3. Nemespátró

The hills of Nemespátró offer visitors beautiful and varied panoramic views. The picturesque landscape is pleasing to the eye and soul, of which the local residents are reasonably proud. You can easily visit the settlement by bicycle. If you have time, stop for a few moments at the Lutheran church, then continue the tour in the direction of Liszó.

4. Panorama road between Nemespátró and Liszó

A dirt road runs all the way from Nemespátró to Liszó, which is primarily used by agricultural and forestry machinery. When the weather is nice it is easily accessible by bike. As the road runs on the highest part of a series of hills, the view of the surrounding countryside is great in both the right and the left directions. (photo point).
The road leads thorugh a forest lane at the end of which you can find the fishing lake of Liszó.

5. Lake Liszó

The manager of the Water Reservoir is the Liszó Village Fishing Association. In the 10-acre pond carp, grass carp, pike, perch, catfish, bream, carp and catfish live.
The average water depth is one meter, fish are installed twice a year, in spring and autumn. Parking is available on both sides, parallel to the lake, as well as in the designated parking areas.
Swans often appear in the lake, they gladly accept the victuals offered.
Go further in the direction of the settlement.

6. Liszó, forest park

Within the settlement, the road starts beside the Roman Catholic church on the right in the direction of the Forest Park.
After a short cycling beneath the shady trees, you arrive at the rest area where laying a fire is also possible.
You should drink the refreshments you brought along here.
Return to the church and go again to the west.

7. Detour to Jankapuszta (Belezna)

Leaving Liszó, you soon reach the road leading in the direction of Nagykanizsa-Gyékényes. Here you can choose from two options:
Turn right and return to Surd on the asphalt road, or go further ahead on the small access road and arrive at Belezna with a detour to Jankapuszta.
Note that the road coverage toward Jankapuszta gradually deteriorates, the road is mainly covered with crushed stone then dirt road runs till Belezna.
Jankapuszta is the populated periphery of Belezna, it became known in the period before World War II. Here were the Croatian assassins trained who killed the ruler of Yugoslavia in 1934.
Agricultural production is still present in Jankapuszta today.

8. 8. Belezna, village center

Shortly after leaving Jankapuszta, you reach Belezna. In the village, you can soon ride your bike on asphalt surface. You pass by the sports field of the village, and then you return to the village center.

9. Belezna, church

A Roman Catholic Church dedicated to Virgin Mary greets visitors in that part of the settlement, which is closer to Surd. Earl Zichy Ödön Sr. had the church built whose tomb can be found behind the sanctuary, outside the church. The building shows many similarities to the main church of the Buda Castle, the Matthias Church, because it served as a basis for the planning of the church in Belezna. Above the main entrance, there is a small sculpture welcoming the visitors: Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus with two worshiping angels. It is interesting to note that the Hungarian crown can be seen on Mary's head.
The church surrounded by a well-kept park is open to tourists, anyone can visit it based on prior appointment.

10. From Belezna to Surd

Go further ahead.
Leaving Belezna, after about 3 km, you reach the main road leading to Nagykanizsa. Here turn left to return to Surd. Not long after the signpost of Surd on the right, you can see the starting point, the park lake.

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Trip type:KerékpárosTrip type:31.00 kmRecommended age:14 From age 75 Up to ageFull route: Surd - Nemespátró - Liszó - Belezna (Jankapuszta) - Belezna - Surd Alternative route: Surd - Nemespátró - Liszó - Surd

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