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Tower Tour (H1)

Trip type:GyalogosTrip type:11.00 kmRecommended age:8 From age 75 Up to ageFull route: Gelse, Fürdő - Gelsesziget - Újudvar, Polgármesteri hivatal Alternative route:

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The 3-5 hour-long hiking program can be organized as a family program, or it is also a great opportunity for school trips.
During the tour, hikers get familiar with the natural heritage of the Principal Valley (Csibiti Valley) and the TV Tower that defines the valley.
The hiking trail is moderately difficult, after the start at a 303 m high elevation, you arrive with a 297 m descent to the finish line.
During the tour you can visit the vineyards in Gelse and Gelsesziget, where you can catch a glimpse of the features of small parcel viticulture, and you can also get fascinated by some old cellars.
The tour can be completed in the opposite direction as well, from Újudvar to Gelse.

1. Gelse, Thermal bath

The tour starts from the parking lot of the thermal bath in Gelse. The spacious and spectacular interior of the thermal bath provides a good atmosphere and pleasant pastime for both children and adults. Those who prefer engaging in sports can do so in the 25 m swimming pool. The water mushroom makes splashing around more fun for the children. If you had spent enough time in the water, and want to treat yourself, you can relax in the Finnish saunas, steam cabins, infrasaunas, salt cabins, and standing solariums of the bath. The thermal bath is temporarily closed due to technical reasons, it is planned to reopen at the end of 2014.

Follow the blue + sign from the thermal bath to the west in the direction of the vineyard in Gelse. In the second intersection of the hill (before Radó's Cross) turn left, and go along the narrow paved mountain road until you arrive at the statue of St. Urban.

2. Gelse, vineyard

Turn left at the Urban statue on the vineyard of Gelse, and after a short descent continue your journey along the blue + sign. You can see fewer cellars in this part of the vineyard. At several places along the road hives indicate that due to the significant number of acacia wood beekeepers also dominate the area. The vineyards progressively become forest lands.

3. Between Gelsesziget and Újudvar

Leaving the vineyards of Búslakpuszta, forests take over the area. The dominant forest tree is the beech.
The tourist route in some places is less accessible. More muddy areas, wallows can be found there, which you need to avoid. Along Morgány stream (the stream is small during the summer) you pass through soggy terrain in various places.
Blaze: Blue +

4. Lake Csibiti

You arrive near Lake Csibiti along the Gózon forest from the Morgány stream. Here you have to go up an ascend almost until the lake.
The water reservoir fed by the surrounding water resources was created with the help of a dam. By the lake, a rest area and a clean water spring await the hikers (the rest area needs to be renovated).
There is a spring on the southern side of the lake with cool water even during hot summers. The route leads further up in the Csibiti valley.

5. Csibiti valley

The protected, 26-acre-Csibiti valley and the corresponding Lake Csibiti is located in the outskirts of Újudvar, along which the blue + sign runs. The road goes widing up the top of the 300-meter-high hill to the stone cross along the TV tower. You can see several protected plants during the romantic walk in the forest. For instance, the Dryopteris expansa and the Asplenium scolopendrium, whose largest known habitat is the Csibiti Valley in South Zala. From July to the end of August you can take delight in the beauty of the Cyclamen purpurascen along the road, or you can also admire the red berries of the Ruscus hypoglossum.
The hiking trail passes an arable land and reaches the paved road leading to the TV tower.
Here the red trail blaze runs along the blue + sign.

6. TV Tower

Turning right on the paved road, a short brings you to the TV Tower on the Tukora top.
The hill is 308 meters high, while the tower stretches 206 meters into the sky. Only the TV tower of Pécs exceeds its height in Hungary.
You cannot go up the TV tower, but the view of the rolling countryside of Zala is beautiful from the hilltop. In clear weather, you can also see the mountain and tower of Zagreb. It's a nice place to take some photos.

7. From the TV tower to Újudvar

From the TV Tower go along the highway (blue and green blazes).
The narrow paved road leads all the way to the village.
Along the way you pass a fishing lake at the border of the village, then you arrive at the village center in Dózsa György Street. Turn right at the end of the street and you will arrive to the mayor’s office over a bridge.

8. Újudvar

There is a bus stop in the center in front of the community house and the church, from where you can return to Gelse, or after approximately walking 2 km, you will find a bus stop along the highway in the direction of Gelse and Nagykanizsa.

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Trip type:GyalogosTrip type:11.00 kmRecommended age:8 From age 75 Up to ageFull route: Gelse, Fürdő - Gelsesziget - Újudvar, Polgármesteri hivatal Alternative route:

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